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Bristol - Pupil 'dragons' call shots on finance

Sixty primary pupils across Bristol learnt the value of money when they invited local firms to step into their own TV-style 'Dragons' Den' to decide who should get Pounds 2,000 of funding from HSBC.

The den was part of the What Money Means project, designed to teach personal finance skills.

Organisations such as Bordeaux Quay Cookery School, Baggator, St Pauls learning community team, Travelling Light Theatre and The Big Issue magazine came forward to present their ideas and answer tough questions from the children before they voted on who should receive the cash.

The event was part of Bristol Money Week, funded by HSBC and run by the Personal Finance Education Group.

Clare Campion-Smith, Bristol City Council's cabinet member for children and young people, said: "Today it is more important than ever that we teach our children the value of money, both how to spend wisely and how to plan for the future."

Pete Bull, head of HSBC in the community, said: "What Money Means provides much-needed financial capability education in schools. What excites me is the imaginative approaches adopted in teaching this material.

"Bristol pupils are being given a chance to use what they have learnt to make a real financial decision." km.

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