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British Council's Conference on rural and remote schools

Fyvie Castle's fame in the north-east is being further enhanced with a new environmental studies teaching pack produced by five rural primary schools.

The pack, published by Aberdeenshire Council at around Pounds 40, is based on the castle's "life and legends". Grainne Smith, head of Fyvie primary, said little local 5-14 material was available and her colleagues at Monquhitter, Fintry, Rothienorman and King Edward primaries did most of the research in their own time.

The new material, for pupils over the age of nine, covers battles, castles, folklore, art and design, mapping and social history. Mrs Smith said: "If a teacher wanted to use the whole pack, she could cover nearly all aspects of environmental studies for three months. You could also extract parts of it. The children who have used parts of it have been enthusiastic about it."

The castle and the pack were inspected last week by delegates at the conference (above). "There is maybe a market in the US and Canada," Mrs Smith said.

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