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BT and IT

I reply to the article by Merlin John, (TES, September 22). I am convinced that unless the UK harnesses new information technology we shall deny our children the opportunity to thrive and realise their potential in the information society.

I am in no doubt that British Telecom can play a positive part in supporting the changes required in teaching methodologies to prevent this outcome but only in collaboration with our customers and content providers, both of whom make on-line access worthwhile and rewarding.

The critical issue it seems to me is one of customer control, placing into the hands of users the ability to manage their own environment. I am therefore in total agreement with Mary Marsh that we should be helping children intelligently and responsibly to discriminate when searching the Internet and other database material.

There is also a requirement to ensure that the information that is needed for a class is available when it is wanted and in an easily accessible form, this is the real value of the CampusWorld "Walled Garden".

BT takes its responsibilities in education very seriously, and will play an active and full role in contributing to the UK's competitiveness worldwide. CampusWorld represents an important step forward and there is more to come.

BRUCE R BOND Managing director BT National Business Communications BT Centre 61 Newgate Street London EC1

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