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Bullfighting and body image

The reading and directed writing paper in the Higher exam was very fair, felt Gill Murray, who teaches Spanish at St Aloysius College in Glasgow.

The general subject of the directed writing section was a familiar one - a journey to Spain. A couple of the bullet points in it covered slightly more unfamiliar territory, however - asking candidates to write about having a party on the last night of their trip. Mrs Murray described it as "slightly different, but OK".

The listening and writing paper was "quite easy", according to pupils, said Mrs Murray. The listening tapes were "very slow, very clear", while the essay, asking candidates to write about whether they would rather live in the town or country", was very accessible.

In the Advanced Higher paper, the reading and translation section was on the topical subject of gypsies - again "straightforward", said Mrs Murray.

The listening question, on the subject of mobile phones, was clear and without unexpected vocabulary.

Among the choice of five essay questions, immigration did not feature (although it usually does), but there was one on the environment. Some slightly more unusual essay topics included the "image of young people today and how important their appearance is to them" and bullfighting.

Overall, however, it was a "very good" paper, said Mrs Murray.

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