Burger culture

SOMETIMES one feels truly proud to be British.The Diary's patriotic chest swells at news of the welcome laid on for 20 visiting Spanish scholarship students by the British Council - or rather, this being the 90s, the firm to which it has contracted out its welcome wagon.

And what an insight into our vibrant, modern, multi-cultural nation. Along with sessions on flat-hunting, finding a doctor and student unions, our visitors had a whirlwind heritage tour - Eton, Windsor, Bath etc.

But the highlight surely was the night out in London. Which side of this exciting city did our representatives show off? Shakespeare at the Globe, perhaps, followed by a traditional fish supper? Bhangra and a curry in Brick Lane?

No, they pushed the boat out and took our guests to see the musical Grease, followed by burgers and chips at Planet Hollywood. Surely the capital has nothing finer to offer.

Attendance, the Diary gathers, was not optional.

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