Burning standards have GTC in tears

Tears galore at last week's General Teaching Council following the non-appearance of the specially commissioned video on Enhancing the Standard, a sequel to the epic, Maintaining the Standard. Members were looking forward to the exciting preview.

After the recent Royal Mail dispute in the capital, it would have been understandable if the video had been trapped in the post. John Cairney, communications' sup-remo, produced another gem for the great excuses of our time competition: "It's been held up because of a fire," he confessed, to much grief.

The Christmas stocking filler was delayed by the gutting of the Glasgow premises of video company, Scope, run by Iain Morris, once of Scottish Television and formerly depute registrar at the GTC.

Fortunately for Scottish education, the mastertapes survived, underlining the fire-proof qualities of the GTC.

Suggestions for retitling the video include Towering Inferno Three, Gone with the Wind and Fire, and Blazing Satchels.

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