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Finding high-quality and relevant teaching materials on the web has just been made easier with the introduction of the byteachers website - BYTE. The new initiative, run by the Association of Teachers' Websites (ATW), is a web portal providing links to curriculum-related websites that have been produced by teachers.

All the sites featured have been vetted and are free to use. As well as links to chosen websites, a description of the content available on each is listed. At the moment the primary section is small - and the secondary section has links to fewer than 40 sites - but the initiative should gther momentum over the next few months as the news about BYTE spreads.

ATW is run by Siobhain Archer, who started, and John Simkin, who runs They want to build a community of sites that teachers can rely on, and give teachers who have created their own sites a wider audience for their efforts.

If you run and maintain your own site for other teachers, pupils or parents, you can register online for inclusion. And if your website meets the required standard, you will be able to carry the BYTE logo. For details go to

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