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* StrongARM is Xemplar's reach into the future, the latest engine for powering its future computers. The new StrongARM CPU 200MHz (the key processor in the computer) is a technical delight. It will enable a five-fold increase in speed. The card is simple to install and will make any RISC PC 600 or 700 machine go at a phenomenal pace. But it cannot be used with an Acorn 7000. With StrongARM on board, you can do things that will make a PC user blink in amazement. Its main use is going to be in multimedia and any application that calls for heavy duty processing.The cost is Pounds 199 or Pounds 99 if bought with a RISC PC.

* RM's Logon for RISC OS (Pounds 395) will be important to schools that have both Acorn and RM machines. It allows them to use Acorn computers on RM Connect, the company's Windows NT network.Designed to create a path so that Acorn users can move smoothly over to a PC environment, the Logon provides access to the server through a single icon. For further information tel: 01235 826868.

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