Netd@ys Europe l997 clicks off tomorrow (October 18). Schools, educational institutions, public authorities and businesses are being encouraged to register their Web sites and Internet projects at the Netd@ys Europe 1997 Web site and take part in eight days of on-line activities.

The aim of the event, backed by the European Commission, is to establish a "European schoolnet" and persuade businesses to sponsor school projects. These will be selected on the basis of their educational value, creativity, relevance to Europe and the scale of partnership with other organisations.

One school certain to register is Beacon Community College. For the past year, 11 to 16-year-old students at the Sussex sports college have been sharing their technology with the local community. Beacon boasts 100 networked stations in two centres, allowing every student and staff member to have their own files, password and e-mail address.

Details from Alison Banks, principal, Beacon Community College, Crowborough, East Sussex TN6 2AS.

Tel: 01892 603000

Web site: http:www.beacon.e-sussex.

Netd@ys Web site

Teachers and students will soon be turning to their school or college intranet to find out which rooms they should be working in. Corbett Engineering, a company that specialises in timetabling software, is about to release CELCAT Web Publisher, a program that enables timetables to be put on the World Wide Web. The only problem is that it costs Pounds 1,785, roughly double Corbett's non-Web version.

u Corbett Engineering, 1 Ashfield Road, Kenilworth CV8 2BE. Tel: 01926 856131. Internet: The French Experience is a new French-language tuition CD-Rom from BBC Worldwide Publishing and 2MI-Multimedia Investissements. Launched last month, the double CD set includes a beginner's module with pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary and can be tailor-made to suit individual needs. Students can record and play back their own voice to test their grasp of the language.

* The French Experience, for PCs, costs Pounds 49.99. Details from Dominique Monet, 2MI-Multimedia Investissements.

Tel 00 33 01 53 23 86 00; E-mail: or

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