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Rumour surrounds the sudden resignation of Sam Wauchope as managing director of Acorn Computers, one of the main suppliers of computers to UK schools. Acorn is offering no explanation for his departure, and his replacement by the parent company, Olivetti Telemedia, with chartered accountant David Lee. Mr Lee was director of finance and administration with Olivetti UK.

Insiders link Mr Wauchope's resignation with his strong support for Acorn's proprietary RiscOS computer system in a UK education market increasingly moving towards Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple computers. They say Olivetti wants Acorn to produce all-in-one machines that give access to RiscOS, Windows and Apple software.

Southampton Institute of Higher Education now has an MBA course that can be accessed by students anywhere in the world - all they need is a computer hooked up to the Internet. They can study full-time (three terms) or part-time (two or three years).

Southampton Institute, East Park Terrace, Southampton SO14 OYN. Tel: 01703 319000.

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