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Two of the BBCs most popular children's programmes are now on CD-Rom, Blue Peter (pound;24.99) and Live and Kicking (pound;29.99). The first CD contains materials from past programmes ( video and researchscripts) and covers animals, travel, sports, science, history and things to do with sticky-back plastic. Would-be producers can manipulate Zo Ball, Jamie Theakson and the Leprechauns, Sage and Onion, to perform as they wish in Live and Kicking.

Once all the items are in the schedule and the pop anthem has been created to shake your thang, press play, sit back and watch your exclusive version of Live and Kicking. They are available from BBC Multimedia, Woodlands, 80 Wood Lane, London W12 0TT. Tel: 0181 576 2000.

In the post-Cold War era, old enemies are allies and new threats have emerged in a world changed forever by momentous events. Some things, however, remain the same. Whoever the foe, whatever the crisis, there's one person who can always be relied on. He is Bond, James Bond. In his latest adventure, 007 has to help media studies students conquer the world of journalism. Shaken and stirred, he is starring in an interactive educational guide from Film Education. Based on the film Tomorrow Never Dies and aimed at GCSE, A level and GNVQ students, the CD-Rom features news simulation games and the chance to create a new piece of wizardry for Q's toolbox. 007, Tomorrow Never Dies is available free from Film Education, Alhambra House, 27-31 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0AU. Tel: 0171 976 2291.

Three new CD-Roms from YITM (Yorkshire International Thomson Multimedia Limited) are Maths Explorer (key stage 2), French Grammar Studio (key stage 4) and The World of Sport Examined (GCSE). Maths Explorer: mathematical puzzles, interactive activities and projects on number, shape, space, measures, data handling, probability and statistics, calculators and computers. French Grammar Studio: aimed at students preparing for GCSE, 18 photo stories set in France for students to complete and construct a commentary. Once completed the photo story can be replayed as an audio visual presentation. The World of Sport Examined: animation and video explain the eight body systems and it includes games, fitness tests and training methods and quizzes relating to training, drugs, health, energy sytstems, diet and personal fitness. Revision Lab, an assessment manager, will design a personalised revision guide. On show at Bett '98, YITM, stand 402. Further details: YITM, 1 Broadbent Road, Watersheddings, Oldham, OL1 4LB. Tel 0161 627 4469.Email: Interaid is launching its Schools CD-Rom at BETT '98 (stand C70). It's a disc of guidance materials for teachers on how to make best use of the Internet along with a range of downloaded Web sites - 600 megabytes' worth. The disc will be distributed free to British schools in March 1998 and to 2,500 schools in developing countries which might not have direct Internet access via the British Council. Interaid is a British-based non-profit operation to help all schools in the Commonwealth and beyond get access to Internet and learning resources. It aims to use the Internet to bring children around the world from different cultures closer together. Interaid has recently completed development work in South Africa, Botswana and Egypt installing microwave links for local Internet access for schools.Web:

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