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Calderwood Lodge head

Your item last week,"Catholic head for Jewish primary", had a number of discrepancies and missed information.

Firstly, Jim Duffy is in fact a seconded head, not appointed permanently to the post. This is not made clear in the headline.

Furthermore, there is a perfectly good and well-respected Jewish deputy headteacher at Calderwood Lodge primary who has been in this post for a number of years and who covered for the recently retired headteacher when he was on long-term sick leave.

Including the deputy head, there were three applicants for the post, all of whom were Jewish.

In addition, you state the school is at risk because of its falling role.

This again is inaccurate. There is a falling roll of Jewish children, due mainly to falling numbers in the community, and not because they are being schooled elsewhere.

All the pupils in the school are there on placing requests. A great percentage of these children belong to various faiths, and have chosen to be at Calderwood Lodge because of the high standard of education they receive.

The article also states: "There has also been a trend for Jewish parents to remove their children from Calderwood Lodge at P7 stage and put them into independent schools." Surely it is the case that all children have to leave primary at the end of P7?

It would perhaps have been better to report why Mr Duffy was appointed to the post of seconded headteacher, instead of any of the Jewish candidates.

It poses the question: would a Jewish headteacher be seconded to a Catholic school?

Lorna Macdonald Address supplied

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