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Call authorities to account

TESS has published letters recently about the activities of Education Scotland and the Scottish Qualifications Authority. Neither body has yet replied to the concerns raised. They seem to regard themselves as above explanation or apology.

Such self-regard was a factor in the SQA results debacle of 2000. After the event, an employee admitted in the press that "we were carrying out procedures which we knew to be flawed". And when a Scottish sheriff pronounced that the death of a Borders head was "inextricably linked" to an HMIE visit, there was little in the way of remorse from a body characterised by self-importance and unaccountability.

Education correspondents on BBC Scotland or STV do little more than broadcast PR releases. There is a dearth of incisive, investigative journalism. The TESS staff should set an example by tenaciously seeking answers from publicly funded officials.

John Samson, Blinkbonny Gardens, Edinburgh.

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