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Calling all angels

Primary teachers Guardian Angels RC Primary, Tower Hamlets, east London

What's in a name? It's just a label after all, what matters is the personality. The trouble is that names are part the first impressions on which so many judgments are made. Ask Reg Dwight (aka Elton John) or the artist formally known as Prince.

It's the same for schools. No sooner does Gasworks secondary fail its Office for Standards in Education inspection than it is reborn as Beacon High school or the Woodhead Memorial Technology College.

But some names are so apt that they ought to be preserved by government decree. What could be a better name for a school than Guardian Angels Primary? It works on every level. Devout Catholics will envisage haloed saints watcing over the literacy hour and nudging nervous pencils towards correct letter shapes. Agnostics will picture young, muscled staff, red berets at a jaunty angle, ready to do or die to protect playtime.

The reality is almost as romantic. The 200-pupil school is opposite Mile End Tube station, in Bow. Ofsted rates it, describing it as promoting a very high degree of racial harmony.

The school is looking for two experienced teachers. Extra incentive points and non-contact time are on offer for posts of responsibility. Neither beatification nor a red beret is compulsory, but think about it. How many teachers can truthfully claim to be a guardian angel? For details call 020 8980 3939 or e-mail

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