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Calm before the storm

"Musings from Moray" is a particularly well-timed piece in the latest edition of that estimable journal Education in the North.

"There are a few clouds on the horizon," writes Janet West of Moray Council. Clearly penned last summer, little could she have known that her musings would make their appearance in the very week that Moray's education services received a somewhat cloudy report from HMI (the forthcoming inspection was not one of her dark clouds, incidentally).

West moves quickly on to note that "it is not all dark clouds on the horizon . . . The joys of implementing free fruit to primary 1 and 2 along with free music instruction to all pupils before they reach primary 6 helped to bring a welcome ray of sunshine into an otherwise dull life."

If that's as exciting as it gets in Moray, then they really are in trouble.

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