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Cambridge History Programme

Cambridge History Programme - GCSE (SHPModern World). Germany 1918-1945 By Paul Grey and Rosemarie Little. CUP. Price: pound;8.75. Tel: 01223 325588.


The main themes of the Weimar Republic, Hitler's rise to power and life inside Nazi Germany are well covered in this attractive book. The content is organised into "briefings" and short "investigations" that stimulate interest and provide a clear focus for learning. Another strength is the way in which the text introduces students to historical debate. It contains some rich visual and written sources which they use in their investigations. A final section provides a brief, but useful, overview of Germany since the end of the Nazi period.


Points for discussion are included in the text. These can be used as the basis of note-making and oral work. Investigations conclude with activities that usually take the form of challenging questions requiring extended thinking and writing. Lower-attaining students will need additional structure and support in order to access some of the tasks.


The design is clear and uncluttered, and students of all abilities should be able to tackle the text. Most pages have a double-column format; some students may appreciate rather more cartoons, diagrams and illustrations to help them get to grips with key ideas. The use of a large font for section headings and enquiry questions is a helpful feature, and the focus of each investigation is usefully highlighted in blue at the outset.


A scholarly and thoughtful text that successfully engages students in interesting issues and debates. Teacher mediation will be needed to ensure access for the whole ability range.

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