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Q. Who is eligible for support from the project?

A. Children of statutory school age in an English state school, or a non-maintained special school, who have communication difficulties.

Q. What are "communication difficulties"?

A. This is a very broad area. The project focuses on pupils who have difficulty understanding language or communicating verbally or with writing. This might be for a number of reasons, such as hearing or visual impairment, a speech and language difficulty or a physical disability.

Q. How do you make a referral?

A. Anyone can make a referral; teachers, parents, health professionals.

Your first port of call should be the CAP website, although this must be followed up with a printed, signed copy.

Q. Who will do the assessment?

A. You could do it if you can, or you could use an expert from one of the CAP centres, or a multi-disciplinary team. It depends on the needs of the pupil.

Q. What do pupils get?

A. Just about anything from a trackerball to a portable computer system to a tailor-made item such as a switch mount. There are around 2,000 items in the catalogue and even if it's not there CAP could still provide the technology needed.

Q. How long does the process take?

A. Becta aims for a turnaround time of about one term from receipt of the signed referral to delivery of the equipment.

Q. How do I become a CAP contact?

A. Initially through Becta, who will put you in touch with the nearest CAP centre. For more informaiton visit

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