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(Photograph) - Special things happen in schools every day. This is your chance to show us what's new, unusual or funny about your school. We're looking for intriguing images of everyday life taken by you or your pupils

Students at Knowsley Central primary support centre, Merseyside, got into the spirit of the bard at a week-long Shakespeare festival. Pupils learnt about Elizabethan music and dance and created props with the help of experts, including Joyce Lowe and Julia Lowe (pictured) from Gloriana Living History, before putting on their own version of Macbeth on the final day.

Children at Akrotiri primary school, which provides education for forces families in Cyprus, celebrated St George's Day and the Queen's 80th birthday with a fish and chip party and singing of the National Anthem.

Allison Clark, teacher in charge of the pre-school, says the maypole dancing came before the fish and chips!

Three strings players at Clifton college, Bristol, are tipped to be the next classical music superstars. Julia Hwang, Ha-Young Jung and Lana Trimmer (pictured, left to right) are currently preparing for the school's Prom on the Close 2006, where they will be playing alongside British soprano Lesley Garrett.

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