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(Photograph) - Special things happen in schools every day. This is your chance to show us what's new, unusual or funny about your school. We're looking for intriguing images of everyday life taken by you or your pupils

At Renda Fuzhong secondary school in Beijing, students meet for a weekend skating session. Paul Gillespie teaches A-level maths at the 4,000-pupil school, which has an international department that follows the University of Cambridge international examinations syllabus for students who want to go on to study outside China

The Golden Tapestry is a project linking primary and special schools across the Commonwealth. More than 30,000 people went to see the tapestry at the cultural festival of the Commonwealth Games, including these children from Mill Park Heights primary school in Melbourne

At Shelley first school in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Year 1 and 2 teacher Lisa Conlon has her pupils immersed in a project on Kenya, learning about fair trade and the work of Christian Aid. For the school's spring fair, the children decided to bake cakes using fair trade ingredients, and raised pound;75 for the charity

Send your images to Please include contact details and caption info, which must include your school's name. We pay pound;25 for every one we use. See for terms and conditions

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