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Car draw winner's number comes up

When an envelope arrived last week bearing the imprint of The TES, Sheila Carney thought: "Why are they writing to me?" She had completely forgotten that she had carefully cut out tokens from four September issues in the hope of winning an Pounds 8,000 Rover car.

Mrs Carney beat more than 6,000 readers to win the Rover 100 Knightsbridge in The TES prize draw. "Everyone at school was overwhelmed - absolutely ecstatic, because it's nice to know someone who actually wins something," she said.

Mrs Carney has taught maths for the past 16 years at Seaham in County Durham, at an 1,100-pupil comprehensive for 11 to 16-year-olds. Hers is a two-car family as her husband teaches science at a different school.

Their daughter has followed the family tradition by teaching in Tameside, but their son is setting his sights on a more lucrative profession by training to be an actuary in Kent. When she is not instilling the principles of mathematics, Mrs Carney enjoys playing golf ("Some might query the word 'play'") and watching Sunderland play football.

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