Carbuncle critics

Do you work in a beautiful school building or a crumbling hulk that's top of the "bland-ometer"? Pupils are being given the chance to decide using a new website* from the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, aimed at GCSE pupils studying construction.

The website includes a design quality analyser, which asks pupils to rank statements such as "I think the building is easy to get to and move around in" or "I think the building has its own character and personality". It assesses their responses, then delivers its verdict, damning or otherwise.

John Sorrell, the commission's chair, said: "The future of our towns and cities lies with today's young people, and I'm passionate that we should try to foster a new generation who feel strongly about it."

The innovation comes as the Government plans to overhaul 300 schools as part of its Building Schools for the Future programme.


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