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PROBLEM SOLVING 1. PROBLEM SOLVING 2. By Thomas O'Brien. Ginn and Company. Key Stage 1. Part of a series incorporating Years 1 to 6. pound;24.99 each, pound;44.95 for both titles or pound;139.95 for all six books Tel: 01865 888 000


One of the objectives of education is to equip children with the techniques to solve problems.

It is one of six key skills in the national curriculum and is intrinsic to maths. The Problem Solving series is an impressive collection of practical activities to help children use and apply skills.

Each book contains an problems and puzzles to stimulate children's creativity and thinking.

There are 36 units within each book, each containing five problems and all corresponding to topics covered in the numeracy strategy sample medium-term plans.

The content will easily supplement any maths programme. Problem Solving provides teachers' notes, answers, tips and extension suggestions and it's flexible structure will allow differentiation.

To monitor progress, there are record-keeping sheets for individuals and the whole class.

Problem Solving delivers a lot but what it doesn't do is give teachers a much-needed guide to teaching problem solving itself. Nevertheless, this collection of books will prove useful for whole-class teaching and will certainly contribute towards improving children's maths.

John Dabell is the maths co-ordinator at Derby High Junior School

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