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On the cards

A series of 10 free cards designed to get children thinking about exercise and healthy eating is launched by The TES today.

The Get Active thinking cards, published in Teacher magazine, can be collected over the summer term and together make an original teaching tool for primary children.

Each looks at everyday decisions through the eyes of five friends, Jade, Shelley, Rupinder, Nathan and Craig.

This week's card outlines five different options for breakfast. Choices include chapattis and a banana, a fry-up and nothing at all. Children are invited to debate which of the characters had the best breakfast.

Subsequent cards will continue the journey through the day.

Also this week: In Teacher, "Dismiss the myth". Dr Toni Steer, Medical Research Council nutritionist, argues that childhood obesity is not at crisis point, but there is no room for complacency because it could be if we continue as we are.

In Friday, a weekly column on teachers' fitness is launched (page 21). It describes a business studies teacher's preparation for the Berlin marathon.

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