Care view does not compute

How interesting to read the views of Hilary Wilce on the care of children in Out of School clubs.

And how interesting that, in her own words, she bases her experience on visiting a solitary club "decades ago"!

This suggests to me that Ms Wilce may not be completely in touch with the huge amount of work undertaken in this area of childcare by charities such as Playlines and Clwbiau Plant Cymru, the pioneering work of 4Children (formerly Kids Club Network) and the many thousands of extremely high-quality projects run by childcare chains, small local providers, primary school management committees and partnership schemes between schools and existing childcare providers.

Following Ms Wilce's lead, I'm off to write an article castigating the computer industry, complaining that my 1986 Commodore Vic 20 won't run Windows XP.

Stephen Gregg. Director. Coombe Valley Out of School. Old Tree Lodge. Trebursye. Launceston, Cornwall

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