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A career in limbo

(Photograph) - Anna McGuinness has been a member of staff at Cleveden Secondary for nine years on yearly, renewable contracts and was never granted a permanent post. She never knows what the next session holds and receives no pay over the summer.

"Contracts have varied quite amazingly over the years. It was originally three and a half days, or point 6 or point 7, and it has never been less than point 6. I was full-time for a couple of years and this year it's four days a week," she says.

Ironically, her days were cut to make way for a probationer.

Mrs McGuinness argues it is the security that really matters. "I could have been told I was no longer wanted at May 31. You have no rights as a temporary teacher," she says.

She is not seeking a full-time post, simply permanent status. "Part-time permanent would be preferable," she says.

* The fixed-time directive will allow employers to issue no more than four fixed-term contracts before staff are made permanent. Authorities had anticipated four years' breathing space.

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