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Career Mistakes

Tweaking your CV

In 2005, as reported in TES at the time, a headteacher was banned from teaching for a year after lying about her qualifications on her CV and forging a PhD certificate (bit.lySEI2MB).

There have been other, similar cases. Some years ago I interviewed a teacher who had omitted from a job application a post he had left under a cloud within weeks of taking it up, adjusting dates to cover the gap.

He got the job he was applying for, but human resources at the local authority found him out and he was dismissed before he started. Future progress in education for these people must be uncertain to say the least.

What is the right thing to do?

The line between putting the best possible gloss on your application and telling lies may be a fine one, but it is not difficult to see. So whatever your motivation, don't listen to siren voices either within or without, and never tamper with the factual record.

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