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Q My partner is planning to move to Wales. As I plan to move with her I am looking for a head of history post somewhere in south Wales. However, I rarely see any history jobs in Wales advertised in The TES.

Is there a TES supplement for Wales, or are there just very few posts advertised for secondary schools there? Where else might I look? Otherwise, I might have to take the supply teaching option as I am not a Welsh speaker.

A The free market for jobs that exists in teaching has drawbacks as well as advantages. The fact that most posts are advertised nationally means that teachers can be in control of their career destinies to a greater degree than many other employees can. However, your question highlights one of the downsides.

No doubt you are a successful history teacher looking for promotion to a management position. You now find yourself moving to Wales for personal reasons with no help in entering the local job market. As you rightly observe, finding jobs in Wales is relatively difficult.

There is no separate TES supplement for Wales, as there is for Scotland, and although some of the jobs in the elsh speaking parts of the country probably don't make it to the paper but are advertised locally, the real problem is the relatively low turnover of teachers, compared with some parts of England. The Department for Education and Employment says teacher turnover is lower in Wales than England as a whole - but still higher than in much of northern England. None of this is of much help to you.

In the first instance, you might have to accept a main scale post, although even these seem few and far between at present. In all January there was only one history post advertised by a school in south Wales.

If you have developed expertise in other areas, such as special educational needs or informantion and communications technology, you could consider a move in that direction. Otherwise, as you say, joining the supply team will at least be a way to learn about the schools and keep your teaching skills up to date.

Good luck.

Q When will job notices for teaching citizenship start appearing in The TES?

A Probably later this term. The TES is considering introducing a new category to cover such posts.

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