Carry on working

"Briefing" is (a) something you do with your lungs, (b) talking to your lawyer or (c) preparing for work experience.

The third choice gives the game away. In an attempt to focus pupils' minds, St Augustine's Secondary in Glasgow has produced "Pastyirmind", with the subtitle: "Your chosen subject is work experience. You've started so you'll finish. "

Written by teacher John McAuley, the leaflet is intended to appeal to teenage humour.

Asked to "dress smartly" for your placement, do you iron your shellsuit, clean your trainers or find out what type of clothing is needed? Your placement is not in your own area, so do you say it's too far away, buy a skateboard or find out the times and routes of public transport?

Once you are on site and you find the job does not fit its description, you have three choices: call a strike, tell your mammy, daddy or guardian, or speak to your supervisor or member of the work experience team.

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