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Cash point

Aiming to pick his brains, a teacher invited ICT expert Ollie Bray for a coffee, but was embarrassed to find on reaching the till that his pockets were empty. Ollie kindly paid, and the matter seemed to have been forgotten.

The teacher, who doubles as a parent, gained plenty of technology tips from Ollie, who doubles as the youthful (acting) depute head of Mussel-burgh Grammar. Then the topic of internet security came up.

"There's no such thing as private space online now," Ollie told him.

"Suppose a young person mentions they're going on holiday in a school blog.

Within minutes, somebody could go online, find their address and get a route to their empty house."

"That's scary," the teacher said. "I must tell my kids to be careful."

"I wouldn't bother," Ollie said.

"Why not?"

"You don't have any money."

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