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Caught out by the web

Searching through some special educational needs fora, I stumbled across a report I wrote recently, at the request of parents, intended for a paediatrician.

My name isn't mentioned on the web version of the report, nor is the pupil's. But the parents have disclosed their names and location.

Consequently, it would not be difficult to identify me as the originator of the document.

Now, there is nothing in the report which is fabricated or inaccurate.

Quite the contrary, it is honest and comprehensive.

I gather it was intended to offer hope to other parents in a similar position. However, I was shocked to see something so intimate displayed in such a public domain. At no point did the parent say he intended to use the document in this way but I supposed, once in his possession, he could do with it as he pleased.

I contacted my education authority and they confirmed it was a serious breach of copyright. The authority "owns" the property, although I wrote it as an employee. No report can be reproduced in any media without written consent.

Legal services said it should be removed forthwith if I felt it necessary (which I don't), but they are approaching the parents to advise them against this action again.

In addition, the legal department said the website was also liable because it did not check that permission was given before it was published Name and address supplied

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