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It isn't really big enough for movies, but the iPod is still great for music

Don't get too excited. The new iPod can play video, but the size of the screen and limited battery life mean it's a long way from being the perfect portable video player.

Like the previous model, this version is available in two sizes: 30Gb and 60Gb, costing pound;219 and pound;229 respectively. However, on both the screen size has been increased to 2.5 inches, which is about the minimum you need to watch video.

Even though the image quality is quite impressive, the iPod is not really suitable for watching video for long periods. It is most useful for watching odd bits of video every now and then. Also, video dramatically reduces battery life - to three hours, compared to more than 12 for playing music.

With the iPod you're not limited to videos you buy online from Apple.

Students can put their own video clips, or podcasts that contain video material, on to the iPod and use it to play to friends, or just sit and watch it while they travel to school.

The bottom line is that the iPod is still primarily a portable music player - a role it excels in. Apple has intentionally kept it small enough to hold in one hand, and it's not intended to compete with larger video gadgets such as the Playstation Portable.

Apple iPod

Portable music player that can now handle pictures and video Prices: 30Gb model - pound;219; 60Gb - pound;229

Fitness for purpose **** Ease of use **** Features **** Quality **** Value for money ****

Apple Computers Stand E34F34

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