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Celebrity stress busters

Silence can be golden, PR guru Lynne Franks tells Pamela Coleman

Silence I find a powerful de-stressant - also being in nature. When I'm at my home in Deia on the island of Majorca I go walking in the mountains. I also live partly in LA near the sea and there I try to get out into the countryside as much as possible.

In London if I can't get any-where else, I go to Hampstead Heath and have a walk. And breathe. Sometimes when life is very hectic I just forget to breathe.

After trying lots of different spiritual practices, I've found that meditation really helps. It's hard to meditate at home in London because there is always so much going on, so I go to a meditation centre nearby which is run by the Brahma Kumaris, a spiritual development organisation. I also go to a stretch class and a dance class and do yoga.

After years of neglecting physical exercise I've learnt to get out of my head and into my body. In California I learnt with my daughter, Jessica, to enjoy the ecstatic movement and rhythm of the Wave. I love, too, to have a massage as often as possible and if there is a sauna or a hot tub or a steam bath, I'll be in it. I don't have a flotation tank of my own - but I have borrowed Ruby Wax's. I have a hot bath every night with lots of nice smelly oils and light a candle.

Lynne Franks is the inspiration for Edina in thetelevision show, 'Absolutely Fabulous'. Her biography, 'Absolutely Now', will be published in paperback by Arrow in March

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