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Celebrity stress busters;Interview;Joanne Morley;Mind amp; Body

Joanne Morley, one of Europe's top female professional golfers, tells Pamela Coleman how she stays in the pink when she's away from the greens After a bad day on the golf course, particularly when I'm touring, I go back to my hotel, lie on the bed, get out my portable CD player and listen to some music. I particularly like Celine Dion, Michael Bolton and Phil Collins. I whizz the music on and get back into my own thoughts, and after about half an hour I feel relaxed.

Another good way of relieving stress, I find, is to go to the cinema, especially in a group. It's nice to get away from the golf scene and do something completely different. By the time I've watched a film I've totally forgotten what I felt stressed about when I went into the cinema. I like romantic films, weepies, films you can have a good cry in. I also like comedies. I thought The Full Monty was brilliant, and I recently enjoyed In and Out with Kevin Kline. I want to catch Titanic before I go off to America on tour.

I find watching sport on television, especially team sports, relaxing. I'm a football fan; I support Manchester United. Even when watching football on television I cheer and shout a lot - that's a good way of relieving tension and stress.

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