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Celebrity stress busters;Mind amp; Body;Interview;Gillian Helfgott

Gillian Helfgott, wife of Australian pianist David Helfgott, talks to Pamela Coleman.

I 'm feeling very relaxed because I've just spent a wonderful day shopping. There is an excellent designer in Australia called Maggie Shepherd who makes gorgeous patchwork coats, and the one I bought is red and black, brocades and laces all joined together. I've also bought a suit in my favourite colour, cobalt blue. I find shopping very therapeutic, especially when I find what I'm looking for.

Since the film Shine was made about David's life, he has been incredibly busy. I deal with his business decisions and the practicalities of life so he is able to stay in his musical world.

I have been a professional astrologer for 21 years, but life is so busy that I have been unable to give time to my own work. I do sit at my computer, though, and journey round the zodiac, and I find that very relaxing. And when we're touring I swim and go on walking machines.

Living with David can be stressful, but the compensations are great. Our home on the coast of New South Wales has five-and-a-half acres and we look out on cattle and horses. Communing with nature, just walking quietly in the garden, is very relaxing The area we live in is called The Promised Land. Most of the people have left big cities to find quality of life, so we are surrounded by spiritual and environmentally aware people.

David Helfgott will be performing at Croydon, May 17, Cardiff, May 19, Plymouth, May 21, Bath, May 24, Reading, May 26 and Edinburgh,May 29

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