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Celebrity stress busters;Mind and Body;Interview;Kirsty Wark

A stitch in time saves tension, TV journalist Kirsty Wark tells Pamela Coleman.

Whenever I travel by plane - and I fly down to London from my home in Glasgow twice a week - I always carry my tapestry with me. My job isn't stressful because I am hugely privileged to do something I enjoy, but the travelling is. The plane rarely hits the ground on time and once I've read all the newspapers and all the reading material in my bag, I pull out my tapestry. Working on it helps me to relax. I have worked several pieces in the 10 or 11 years I've been commuting.

My life is like a running order for a television programme. I have certain times to hit and certain junctions to hit and certain things to do, so breaking out of that routine is important. I find just looking at a wonderful view extraordinarily relaxing. It does not have to be in Scotland, but Scotland does pretty damn well.

At home I wind down by gardening, followed by a bath. For me, reading a cookery book in a bath full of potions is incredibly calming. I'm a reasonably good cook and I love reading recipes. I take a glass of wine with me, too. A glass of cold white wine, a warm bath and a red hot cookery book make a good combination.

If I'm lucky, my seven-year-old daughter, Caitlin, will come in and give me a head massage. She's incredibly good at it. James, my six-year-old son, also often comes in for a chat. Talking to the children while I'm in the bath is great for relieving stress.

* Kirsty Wark is a regular presenter of 'Newsnight' on BBC2. She also appears in the new series of 'One Foot in the Past' and in 'Rough Justice'

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