Champion learners and providers

Learndirect Scotland's other champion learners of 2004 are:

Gill Bastock Personal achiever of the year and overall winner

Former primary teacher Gill, of Kippen, Stirling, lost the ability to read and write after surgery but is now writing poetry, a novel and a radio play.

Claire Lyttle Young learner of the year

This young mum from Dundee was an S4 leaver who became unexpectedly pregnant but is now studying for a psychology degree at Abertay University.

Ronnie Longwill Career changer of the year

A former shipyard worker with poor literacy skills, Ronnie is now a community outreach learning worker in Paisley, a member of the children's panel and is on a local school board.

Nicola Robertson Jobfinder of the year

After discovering she was dyslexic while studying horticulture a few years ago, Nicola sought help from her local learning centre at Eyemouth, Berwick, and became Borders College's most improved student in horticulture. She now works at a Berwick garden centre.

Learndirect Scotland also gave awards to:Lodging House Mission, Glasgow Learning centre of the year

The Lodging House Mission is the first homelessness organisation to achieve Learndirect Scotland branded status. A day centre for the homeless, it also provides numeracy and literacy classes and an internet cafe.

Glenmorangie Learning employer of the year

Glenmorangie was honoured for the introduction of a dedicated training facility at its Broxburn headquarters which has aided production and cut down on accidents. It is open to family, friends and contractors as well as staff, providing a range of training opportunities including health and safety, personnel and management development, the European Computer Driving Licence qualification and foreign language courses for business and holidays.

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