Change of heart for apprenticeships?

Quality of students' learning must be central, warns report

A new report from a group of skills bodies is calling for apprenticeships in England to be "remade" by increasing the focus on teaching and learning.

City amp; Guilds, the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, the 157 Group and the Centre for Real-World Learning carried out a review of research into the pedagogy of apprenticeships. Their report offers a series of recommendations to increase the quality of apprentices' learning, which it says is often overlooked.

The report, Remaking Apprenticeships, proposes that learning be put "back at the heart" of vocational qualifications by shifting the focus to the most successful teaching methods and sharing best practice. Future government documents about apprenticeships should explicitly reference pedagogy, it adds.

Kirstie Donnelly, UK managing director of City amp; Guilds, said: "We firmly believe that now is the time to remake apprenticeships and that, if we take the right approach, we can ensure the UK's apprenticeship system will compete with the very best on the world stage.

"Our hope is that this report helps to galvanise the key players to drive the positive change that is needed and actively shape the potentially great future of apprenticeships."

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