Changes to home economics

Elaine Fulton

I would like to inform home economics teachers of changes that are happening to their subject through Curriculum for Excellence.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority has published Work in Progress documents for National courses in home economics. In these, it plans to drop the very successful Lifestyle and Consumer Intermediate 2 course. This covers preparation for parenthood; health and safety of babies and young children in the home; food preparation for healthy eating; the pre- school child - food, clothing and play; and practical and organisational skills.

This has been an excellent course for senior pupils and has always had the maximum uptake of 20 pupils in our school. It is good for girls and boys alike to learn how to cope with children, and this course can help guide them towards a career in childcare or simply teach them how to care for their own children when they have them. It also teaches them to make informed choices about when to have children.

In Smithycroft Secondary, we have invested heavily in the course. We gain very good awards for pupils each year and motivate them to choose careers in this field if that is what they are interested in. Home economics is a very important subject for our pupils and helps them to gain life skills for their futures.

The SQA seems to think otherwise and has decided to drop this course without any consultation with schools or economics teachers. Yes, change is required, but the course should not be dropped completely.

Elaine Fulton, PT home economics, Smithycroft Secondary, Glasgow.

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Elaine Fulton

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