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Channel tunnel trip broadens euro vision

BUYING baguettes and brie in Calais was all part of an unusual maths lesson for pupils at Ridge Meadow primary in Chatham, Kent.

The outing was part of a Medway initiative to improve test results by giving children real-life problems.

Fifty-six Year 5 and 6 pupils took the coach through the Channel tunnel to France, tackling maths problems set by Marion Browning, an advanced skills teacher. In Calais, they questioned French shopkeepers and cafe-owners about the euro. And on the homeward journey they stopped to buy tea and souvenirs - and worked out how much their remaining cents would be worth in sterling.

The trip was part of a longer maths-based project about currencies and countries which has included talking to the local MP and asking people in Rochester for their views on exchanging currencies.

Ms Browning said: "This brings problem-solving to life."

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