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Chapter one: How Ofqual left teachers 'disgusted'

In the latest Ofqual report on this summer's GCSE English and English language results, an important truth is emerging: namely that in the race for results, real learning and genuine teaching are being sacrificed.

The unpleasant reality is that the virtual voices of the press and politicians have been filtered into school accountability systems. However, we may be seeing that the grinding demands of inflated floor targets, punitive internal and external inspections and excessive parental pressure are based on unrealistic and unsustainable expectations. At last, Ofqual has listened to some teachers, albeit to serve the regulator's agenda.

Will the education secretary merely "fine-tune" a fundamentally inefficient engine - or will he have the courage of a genuine reformer and dismantle the suffocating tracking apparatuses and league tables in order to realign education and assessment?

Yvonne Williams, Isle of Wight.

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