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Charged words

Friends of the Earth Scotland and Scottish Power are the unlikely bedfellows spearheading a campaign to get children reading while helping to save the planet.

The project, Read for the Future, is open to all P7 pupils and will coincide with Energy Efficiency Week (October 22-28).

Alison McKean, head of environment at Scottish Power, said: "Read for the Future is a great way to encourage children to think about how they use energy.

"So many activities are dependent on using - and often wasting - energy, while reading is enjoyable and educational, but also very environmentally friendly."

Last year's winner, Rebekah MacMillan from Auchinairn Primary in Bishopbriggs, had a very personal motivation: her mum is blind and she read to her from an early age.

For further details, contact Ailie Semple

T 0141 333 9585 E

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