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Charges and counter-charges

Yet another example of the ill-conceived arrangements for schools opting out is the need for the headteacher of a local grant-maintained junior school and the chief officer of the local education authority to swap facts and figures through your letters column (TES, May 12).

Of course the pro-rata share of the LEA's non-delegated budget of Pounds 45,019 received by Ditton CE junior school provides more than is required to purchase support services. Over two thirds relates to funding to provide support for all schools and pupils, for example, non-statemented special needs support, inspection services, insurance, and repairs and maintenance.

Only Pounds 14,632 of this amount goes towards the administrative costs of the education department, some of which GM schools now get free from the Funding Agency of Schools. The figure for this school is readily available and can be publicly stated. Have Martin Broadley and the heads of other GM schools sought similar information from the FAS? What would be the figure if the FAS was to charge GM schools the same way as locally-managed schools pay for LEA costs?

Let us get away from the energy trap which GM is and concentrate on the education of all pupils, which is the decision more than 90 per cent of schools have taken.

ROY PRYKE Director of education services Kent County Council

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