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Charles Clarke misses target

Last week the Education Secretary was giving his money away. This week the Diary regrets to report he is missing his targets. On a visit to Notre Dame high school in his Norwich constituency, "Two Pizzas" was chucked a basketball by a lanky member of its successful school teams.

Clarke's first three shots at the basket were wildly wide but the minister seemed determined to prove his athletic credentials. Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse. "He hit a camera man twice. The second time on the head," says Levent Utku, PE teacher. "That got everybody relaxed and he carried on going. Eventually, he succeeded in hitting the outside of the ring." Despite more than a dozen shots, the Education Secretary never actually scored.

Mr Utku said he would need to improve drastically to get into in Notre Dame's team: "He didn't seem to be able to concentrate. He was talking all the time. I suppose that's politicians for you."

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