Charming head had it in for me

Oh, how I feel for the maths teacher from London who wrote about how his charming head turned on him ("What keeps me awake at night", 4 November).

We too had a new head who came in full of smiles and enthusiasm, requesting our views and suggestions. As staff who had felt neglected and leaderless for several years, we were eager to support her.

But the truth soon became apparent. Anyone whose proposals did not meet her approval or who challenged her in any way was "blacklisted". We were told to use our initiative, but in fact we were supposed to be mind-readers. Emails arrived from her at all times of the day and night, as she didn't know how to stop working and we were expected to be the same.

Members of the senior leadership team were asked to let her know about any issues that she might not be aware of, but when I did so I paid dearly for my innocence. I received a list of all my failings, stretching into several pages - just one month after a positive performance-management meeting.

Suddenly I was the root of all the problems in the school. I resigned in the middle of the school year because I knew that my health and sanity were suffering.

The irony is that the school has not improved its results since she took over. And behaviour is far worse than before she arrived.

Name supplied.

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