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The Ship
BBC2, from August 20, 9pm

"She'll go wherever there are open arms - she makes friends all over the world."

That's what one person close to her has to say about the Endeavour , the replica of the ship in which Captain James Cook made the first of his epic voyages of exploration, from 1768 to 1771.

Built by a group of Australian enthusiasts, this Endeavour has been travelling the world's oceans since 1994: this month, after seven weeks' anchorage in Whitby, Cook's birthplace, she is about to go "on exhibition" in Boston, Lincolnshire, before visiting London, Southampton and other ports later this year.

Endeavour is likely to attract more friends - or at least curious visitors - than ever in the coming weeks, as she is at the centre of a new BBC2 series, The Ship , a six-parter in which some 50 volunteers - including specialist historians, a botanist and other experts - recreate one leg of Cook's voyages, from the east coast of Australia to Java.

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'The Ship: in the wake of Captain Cook', BBC2, Tuesdays, 9pm, from August 20.
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