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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Census questions on how you work

Bubbles13: Just filled out the census there and had to laugh at the question on how many hours do you work per week, including unpaid overtime . Curious to know how many hours other teachers have said.

Getrichquick: I put 32.5 paid, plus around another 14-15 unpaid overtime. I was tempted to just put "a lot".

Jenmac: I put 45.

Pete Sake: I put 50 - but with a residential on the horizon, which works out at 108, I thought I'd stick with a more conservative estimate.

Babette: I put 45 but that's only because I'm already winding down towards the holidays. It's normally nearer 60.

Bubbles13: I put in the honest 60 hours - working it out shocked me into realising I really need to stop doing so much extra - I didn't always do this much.

BIGSIS: I put 70 . changed career for my family's sake, now earn half as much and work twice as hard. Love teaching but really struggling with the worklife balance, constantly trying to impress in the vain hope I might get permanent job someday.

Lesleydramaqueen: I also laughed at that question. I hope there is some programme that recognises the "teacher" part and then adds up all the hours. I put 60.

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