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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Pregnant on probation

gilly041079: I have just found out I am pregnant and am due to start my probationer year in August. With my due date being February, it is unlikely I will complete my probation year. Does anyone have any advice?

leo.girl: Check with the GTCS, but I'm fairly certain during one of the presentations they said pregnancy was an automatic case for deferral of induction year to next session, or switching to a "flexible route".

jlisa: A friend of mine was in the same situation. She deferred for the year with no problems with the region she had been allocated to. Think she did supply in what should have been her probationary year.

gilly041079: GTCS says I can start my induction year as normal, go off on maternity leave and then the time that I miss at the end will be calculated for an extension. The local authority will provide me with somewhere in the authority to complete this extension but probably not until next year's probationers have their allocations or I can apply for a deferral and it will be considered. Was really wondering if anyone has experience of how the LA's dealing with this.

weegoose: Someone I know started her year and then went off on maternity leave. This year she has been placed in the same authority for an extension to complete probation.

gillian84: I was pregnant and due in the November after I should have started my probation. I thought I'd do the flexible route but when I spoke to my LA, they advised me not to and to defer for a year, so I'm starting my probation year this August.

earlylearning: My baby was due in April, so I started my probation with a view to taking maternity leave and then returned the following August for an extension period. I found my pregnancy very tiring and struggled to show my fullest potential. My extension after baby was born was a godsend, cos I felt like me again. Regarding maternity pay, I wasn't entitled to any. You need to have worked with the authority for 26 weeks continuously before the 11th week prior to due date. I did get maternity allowance from the Government, though. Job-wise, it has all worked out for me in the end, but it was tough. I would be tempted to defer so I could give it my all over a whole year. At least then you qualify at the end of June and can go for any possible jobs.

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