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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

First rant of the new term

jenmac: Our department has been "moved" into a new wing of the school. "Great," I hear you say - new equipment and classrooms, all state of the art etc.

BUT, the classrooms were not ready until the absolute last minute, meaning desksstorage cupboardsshelves have been being delivered all week.

We have been totally uprooted, and have to move base as well. New base is MILES from our new rooms (I have to go through three departments to get to it!). We have no storage yet for the new rooms, meaning we are trying to work out of cardboard boxes.

PCs in our base are not networked, meaning we have no access to department documents, resources etc. To add insult to injury, we still only have four rooms and six members of staff in the department, which means I have to lug my stuff back and forth all the time.

Also, when are we expected to sort all this out and unpack? Oh, that's right, we have to stay behind after school or come in at the weekend.

senorjocky: Be thankful you have a job!

jonowen: You have my sympathies and it will get better - it always seems to happen like this, and in a couple of weeks' time life will be rosy again. Your priority is your teaching of young people, and can they not help in this re-org?

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