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Supply issues demand attention.

braemar: I noticed on a union's Facebook page that some local authorities are having issues getting supply staff to cover short-term absences and wondered how widespread the issue is. I know in my local authority (outwith the central belt) there are a substantial number of staff who were originally on the supply list no longer willing to do cover. Most comes from retired teachers and very little from "new" staff, as we don't seem to get many "new" staff willing to relocate here to do supply. I wonder what will happen come Christmaspost-New Year.

airy: Since the budget cuts started to bite, our staff is fully stretched and there aren't many of us available for please-takes. I can see the school getting supply staff in for a week, even though they're only needed for a couple of days - purely so that we can get some cover. Not exactly the cost-saving exercise it's supposed to be ...

squeakyhaggis: As far as I know, there is nothing to legally stop local authorities offering above the standard rates. If they desperately want people to cover, they can pay more.

belimcfall: My LA is doing a two-year trial in secondaries, where area cover are now permanently based in school with half timetabled for their own subject, half please-take person. It seems to be working well for us, as we're a rural school and getting good supply in wasn't easy even before. And they're being paid per scale, so it's better for them.

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