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Guaranteeing positions for post-probationers

Rosey21: I have been teaching for three years, probation and two years' supply. I am gutted that these proposals are now going to give year contracts to all teachers who are only just coming out of their probationary year. What about the rest of us?

Damolux: Don't worry. It's not going to happen. Where are these extra jobs going to come from? I'm a probationer and no head I've spoken to has any idea. My head hasn't been consulted about it and had no literature regarding any of this, plus my union says it looks like it infringes employment laws.

Inverbreakie: It sounded like the councils agreed only to have a number of posts available for these teachers to apply for - not actually get given. So if there were 100 probationers, then there would have to be 100 jobs advertised in the council. I suppose the danger is that they will not renew contracts of staff they already have in schools, so that they can advertise the post for a probationer to apply for.

Piglet171: The real issue is that there aren't sufficient permanent, or supply, teaching posts for the number of trained teachers.

Rosey21: I already know of schools being told by LAs that they will have to keep on this year's probationers, so it is happening and it's happening like that, no advertising of posts.

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Tes Editorial

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